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Business Intelligence

Superior Business Intelligence to grow your business to the next level

Crotus core solution is the result of a deep understanding of the ground realities of the organization's core Source Systems and an abiding commitment to enabling business improvement. Our solution integrates seamlessly with your infrastructure and empowers you with the information and insights you need to grow your business to the next level.

  • Segment your customers
  • Retail Analytics
  • Pricing / Promotion Strategies
  • Promotions Optimization
  • Marketing Mix
  • Estimate and maximize
  • Data-driven Customer Strategy
  • Test Marketing

Take off phase

This is ground zero for BI at your organization. A time-bound stand-alone consulting engagement that will enable building clarity around your BI needs, evaluating your current situation, and creating a BI roadmap, while sensitizing stakeholders across your organization to the business benefits from a BI initiative. Read More...

This stage comprises the following phases


In this phase, the team understands the organizational goals and derives long term BI/reporting and performance management needs. We then review the "as-is" data structures to evaluate how information needs are currently being met and identify opportunities and issues in meeting business goals.

Envision and Elaborate:

In this stage, the team understands the "to-be" solution and creates a comprehensive list of BI needs based on a prioritization of business and information needs. Data availability and quality and related infrastructure needs and readiness are also analyzed. We evaluate ability of the information architecture to handle load fails and recovery. We then detail the solution architecture and gaps to be handled.


The team then draws a high level solution blueprint detailing the advantages of the solution and roadmap for an effective BI solution. The team also provides consulting on various technological choices available to the organization and our recommendations based on the organization's needs.


  • Business BI and Analytics needs
  • Current State Analysis
  • Prioritized list of BI needs
  • Data, Process and Infrastructure upgrade needs
  • Assessment Reports
  • High-level solution
  • Solution Roadmap
  • Business Case

Boost Phase

Crotus - Enterprise BI Consulting

Our BI consulting, training and support services are designed to serve you and help you to design complete Business Intelligence framework that will enable your success and help you to achieve your objectives. Working with most renowned BI products, we will put the power of true intelligence and results in your hands and ensure rapid return on investment (ROI) to drive your success. Read More...

Our service offerings are diverse, deep and broad, and they can be combined and customized to meet your needs and those services include:

  • Requirements - Understanding and documenting basic and complex requirements for the system framework, data sources, user training needs, reports, dashboards, balanced scorecards and enterprise application integration, and establishing a BI environment wherein corporate strategy and objectives are aligned with performance and metrics.
  • Planning and Project services - We can provide proven BI project planning, monitoring and control services to ensure that your project is completed in a timely fashion and with accuracy and a cost-effective approach.
  • Design & Development - We can design and develop strategy maps, Balanced Scorecards, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), dashboards, reports, data warehouse structures, and impact and sensitivity analysis frameworks to meet the unique needs of your organization.
  • Integration and Implementation - We can help you to integrate diverse data sources, and implement and deploy the BI solution to your enterprise
  • Training - Our training manuals and documentation are well-conceived and will provide the detail and reference material needed to use and support the BI application in your organization

Sustain Phase

Sustain or Manage phase is an SLA based managed solution model that turns us into an extension of your IT ops organisation. We do the hard work and the home work to keep our solution installed and functioning smoothly as well to power it with all the latest BI technology innovations.  Read More...

Sustain or Manage Phase is an optional service offering that acts as an extension of your IT operations team. The product that has been deployed will need to be constantly monitored for ensuring optimum technical performance. This includes constant monitoring for successful ETLs, BI refreshes, on-going maintenance, Hardware/Software migrations/upgrades, Performance monitoring and performance improvement activities. Despite not consuming our Sustain or Manage phase offering, you will need to build internal/external capabilities to manage this scope of activity. As the makers of the product, we are in a unique position to offer this as an optional service as a shared service across multiple clients.

Sustain or Manage Activities

  • Monitor source data feeds on a daily basis to manage:
  • Source data quality
  • Data integrity
  • Minor patches to adjust for underlying source system changes
  • Data adapters performance as the data in organization's systems keeps increasing
  • Monitor ETLs that load source system data into staging areas, data repository and data marts (if applicable)
  • Ensure daily successful population of the data repository components
  • Tune repository performance as organization data and number of users increase
  • Manual interventions to safeguard against unforeseen data inconsistencies
  • Implement minor patches and/or workarounds for interruptions/roadblocks in system usage
  • Define and implement the processes necessary for Crotus to provide the Sustain or Manage Services from off-shore on an on-going basis