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Crotus Technologies provides Data Center and Physical Infrastructure services that have evolved to give you the best in delivery. We provide secure virtual application instances on a common Services Oriented Architecture, resulting in an available, scalable, redundant, fault-tolerant, manageable and maintainable data centre environment.
Our comprehensive maintenance and support options ensure end-to-end support of your infrastructure as a single budget line item. Our web-based tracking system manages service calls. We provide adequate technical resources to ensure that your network remains healthy and fully operational. Our goal is your satisfaction and we understand that means delivering consistent implementation, effective communication and ultimately delivering the project on-time and within budget. click here for more information

Data Center

We provide Data Center operations on a 24x7 basis whether the project is as complex as implementing a new emergency generator, backup power strategy or deploying a new 'high-density' equipment zone into your existing computer room or as simple as deploying an IP-based KVM system or replacing access floor panels, PTS will execute your project with same level of professionalism we bring to every project.

Physical Infrastructure

Crotus Technologies has the experience and expertise to address all your Physical Infrastructure needs. We plan, design and source, along with onsite maintenance. We enable you to reduce power consumption and increase cooling efficiencies, gaining you improved reliability and performance and a better return on IT assets.

Structured Infrastructure

  • Cabling
  • Fiber
  • Rack
  • Monitoring / Management Solutions


Our services span the entire IT lifecycle solutions, from basic routing and switching, to advanced technologies like Unified Communications (including Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony), Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), and Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Storage and Security. We offer you best-in-class networking solutions, assisting you in initial planning, through implementation, to maintenance and support of your total IT infrastructure. Our vendor certified implementation engineers and solutions consultants are highly qualified with years of solid enterprise-class technology.


Routing and switching are at the core of all networks. Providing high-speed connectivity, applications and communication systems is of vital importance. We provide organizations with routing and switching design and implementation at all complexity levels needed to effectively connect networks, while using integrated devices capable of delivering voice, video and data. All this while still maintaining impressive speed and quality.


Our experience and expertise is in designing, implementing and operating multi-vendor data communications networks for large, multi-site environments. We have the people, processes and systems necessary to deliver class support for your routing and switching infrastructure. We offer a single-source solution with support for a wide range of internetworking devices including routers, switches, firewalls, hubs, and modems from the leading network equipment manufacturers.


Changing technologies and business practices create unprecedented security risks. Unauthorized access, spyware and phishing, need an enterprise to constantly monitor and manage network security patches. We utilize the industry's leading security products and combine them with our own widely recognized engineering services to create security solutions for today's threats and the emerging ones of tomorrow.


Access to your networks across the various environments is what defines a perfect workspace. Our solutions combine the best elements of wireless and wired networking to deliver scalable, manageable, and secure WLANs with low cost of ownership. Innovative capabilities such as RF enable real-time access to core business applications while maintaining proven enterprise-class secure connectivity. Solutions that offer the same level of security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and management that organizations have come to expect from their wired LANs.